Jersey Dressage Club


Rules and Constitution 2006

(as at 1st January 2010)


1.                  Name

 The club shall be known as "Jersey Dressage Club" hereinafter referred to as "the club".


2.                  Objectives:

 a.      To promote, assist in the development of and encourage all things relating to dressage on the Island of Jersey.

 b.      To provide opportunities for tuition, practice and competition.

 c.      To support Riders to train for and participate in dressage events outside of the Island of Jersey,


3.                  Power:

 The Club shall have full power to do all things necessary to accomplish the objectives as set out above.


4.                  Membership:

 Membership shall be open to all, at any time membership can be withdraw or refused, at the discretion of the Management Committee


There shall be four categories of members as shown below:-

 a.      Senior Riding Member

 A senior riding member shall be one who is over sixteen years of age.

 b.      Junior Riding Member

 A junior riding member shall be defined as a person who has not reached the age of sixteen on the first of January of the then current year.

 c.      Non-Riding Member

 A non-rider shall be classed as a supporter of the club only and will be unable to compete at any of the promoted competitions or training sessions.


d.      Honorary Members

 Honorary membership may be conferred upon any person whose services to the club are deemed to be deserving of such recognition. 

 Membership subscriptions shall be set by the management committee at the beginning of each calendar year and become payable on or before 1st January each year. Should a subscription remain unpaid by 31st January in any year, such member will cease to be a member.

 No person shall be classed as a member of the Club unless he or she has paid their annual subscription.

 5.                  Management:

 a.      The administration and management of the club shall be vested in the Management Committee, which shall consist of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and any other committee members necessary to manage the club.

 b.      The Management Committee shall meet as often as necessary with at least seven days notice being given to committee members, unless the notice period is waived unanimously by all members of the Management Committee.

 c.      The Committee shall authorise all expenditure and shall not create any indebtedness on behalf of the club to a value greater than the assets of the club.

 d.      The Committee shall have full power to fill any vacancy which may occur during its term of office.

 e.      The Chairman or in his/her absence the Deputy Chairman, shall preside at all meetings, sign documents and minutes. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

 f.        All Committee members will either resign or stand for re-election after serving for a period of two years.

 g.      Any Management Committee member who does not attend scheduled meeting for three sessions in succession agrees to resign.


 6.        General Meetings

 a.      The Annual General meeting of the club will be held during the first quarter of each calendar year and at such place as the Management Committee decides. At least fourteen days notice of such meeting will be given.

 b.      Special General Meetings will be convened by the Chairman of the Club and shall be so convened upon a written request signed by at least six members. At least fourteen days notice of such meeting will be given.

c.         Only paid up members of the Club are entitled to nominate and vote at the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting and must have been a member for a period of at least six months prior to the meeting. 

 7.         Treasurer

 The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and paid by him/her on behalf of the Club, shall pay all accounts agreed by the Management Committee and shall prepare a financial statement each year for submission to the Club's auditors.

 8.            Auditors

 The Management Committee shall decide upon the auditors to be used, subject to a majority vote of more than seventy five percent of the committee. Should the Committee be unable to agree, then a vote will be taken at the Clubs Annual General Meeting.

 9.      Alterations to the Rules         

 Alteration to these rules shall be made either at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Alternatively, at the discretion of the Management Committee, by postal ballot. Any proposed alteration shall be submitted in writing signed by a proposer and a seconder to the Secretary at least seven days prior to such meeting. On any vote taken to approve an alteration to these rules, it will be necessary to obtain a two thirds majority of votes cast.

 10.       Honorary Life Membership and Office

 The Management Committee shall have the power to elect Honorary Life Members who will be entitled to all privileges of membership.

 11.       Representation

 Any two members of the Management Committee, duly authorised by a resolution of the Management Committee, shall represent the Club before the Royal Court of Jersey and elsewhere in all matters both real and personal.

 12.   Disciplinarily/Disputes

 The Management Committee have the authorisation of the membership to deal with any disciplinarily issues or disputes that arise.

13.        Competition Rules

The Club run affiliated and unaffiliated competitions, for clarification the Club will follow rules as applied by British Dressage which are updated annually.  Rules are available on the British Dressage website or a copy is held by the Club secretary. To take account of local situations the Club have introduced the following:

  1. For unaffiliated competitions please see the Horse & Rider Levels
  1. Should classes be oversubscribed then the following applies:

·         Any one horse may compete in two tests per day

·         Any one member may only compete a maximum of two horses per day

  1. Members entering a BD Qualifier may not enter the same grade unaffiliated class on the same day.
  2. The Club relies on members to volunteer to help run the competitions.  All members are obliged to be prepared to help at every event they enter, or if all jobs are filled, some future event, in any one membership year. Failure to help may result in entries being refused.
  3. For unaffiliated classes, refund of entry fees can be requested and will be given as 50% of the entry fee if the request is after the close of entries but before times are published.  Once times are published there will be no refund.

 13. Dissolution

 The Club may be dissolved by resolution passed at a Special General meeting or full member postal vote. For such resolution to be passed a majority of two thirds of votes made will be required.